Saturday, November 7, 2015

Avails: Escorting for the elegant Woman is Out


Buy it from Amazon for your Kindle, Smartphone, Tablet or computer. From the Introduction:
Well, it occurred to me. As it does to thousands of women who work at the higher end of the escort market, live as courtesans or are happy being wealthy men’s mistresses. There is something deeply empowering about saying to a man, “Yes, I am expensive and I’m worth it.” We live in a world of “hook-ups” and dateless sex. Sexuality has been sanitized and pornified and divorced from any sense of the illicit. The idea of maintaining a bit of mystery has been replaced with yoga pants for shopping. The pleasures of being a woman or a girl, have been lost beneath a veneer of equal rights and endless “appropriateness”. Yet, the rise of the Internet, the ease of advertising and the creation of websites devoted to reviews of escorts, plus the regular eruptions of “escort” and “mistress” scandals all suggest that while men pay lip service to the “new world” they are more than happy to hire escorts. The fact there are thousands of escort ads and agencies suggests that the demand for escorts has not fallen. Avails is a book about escorting for the elegant woman. Elegance is a funny thing. It is not about money. It is certainly not about designer clothes or spendy shoes; rather it is about a sensibility. A desire to live in a certain way. A capacity to understand a bigger world and to live as if you really do create your own world. For an elegant woman escorting is a means to her ends. She begins secure in herself, in her taste, in her feminine grace, and she consciously opens herself to the possibility that men might be willing to spend significant money for her time. Which, in turn, will allow her to pursue her interests, passions and desires.
347 pages, illustrated, Enjoy

Monday, October 13, 2014

Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort's Guide to Style, Dates and Fun

Escorts' Questions

Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman is in the final editing stages. Lots of useful, stylish information for escorts and elegant women of the world. From lingerie to retro dates, older men to sugar daddies - not the same thing at all - Avails is beginning to become real. 

Avails is also becoming long so
I decided to bring out a short volume of the questions I've been asked as I have been writing the book. Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort's Guide to Style, Dates and Fun covers a range of topics. Everything you ever wanted to know about stockings, the difference between a $150 and hour service provider and a $1000 an hour courtesan, the fun of "toy shows". How to entertain two men at once. Why a threesome with a client's unsuspecting wife is probably not the very best of ideas. Becoming a mistress, the fun of foot fetishes and many more questions are answered. 

I shall, of course, maintain my discreet silence as to how I might be in a position to answer these questions; but the fact is that escorts and stylish women share a lot in common. A sense of the world as it is. A delightful optimism. And, most importantly, a total lack of surprise at the foibles of men. Knowing what I know as a dominant wife flavours the entire book as it does Avails. So go and have a look and, by all means review the book or get in touch directly with thoughts, hints or suggestions. You can find Questions for Miss Jay here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good Girls' Escort Experience

"A very common sexual fantasy of women is to be an high class escort for a day. There's something very alluring about the luxury, femininity and elegance surrounding high class escorts. Society Service offers you the possibility to make that fantasy come true, without crossing any of your personal boundaries." 
The Escort Experience, Society Service
 What an interesting concept. Basically, this is an escort service which is offering women who are not escorts the opportunity to get a bit of escort training, an escort makeover session and, if they would like, an actual escort encounter.

All for 1950 pounds including VAT.

I fear I have always thought that the objective was for the escort to be paid...but it is amazing what bored, well off, women will do.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Old School: How to Retro Escort

Really...That Much?
Writing Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman I have been struck at how call girls evolved to escorts and now sex workers. I am quite certain that the essential transaction has not changed but, I am afraid, "sex worker" sounds all together too healthy to be much fun.

I suspect I am, as I am so often, a lonely voice in the wilderness when I suggest that we need to put the "naughty" back into escorting. (Of course I also think we should put the "naughty" back into sex but that is a conversation for a different blog.)

When a man visits an escort or invites her to his hotel there should be a little frisson, a thrill, a real sense of excitement at the prospect of a willing woman waiting to be enjoyed. Done well, an escort encounter will contain an element of decadence, of debauchery: it should feel transgressive because it is transgressive.

For complex psychological reasons, some escorts prefer not to see themselves in their full transgressive glory. Instead they see the business as therapeutic which it may very well be. However, girls who like making top dollar escorting understand that being a bad girl for pay is part of the thrill a man is buying with his escort dollar.

The unimaginative hobbyists on the review sites seem to view escorts rather like stamps to be collected. Which is a bit sad when you think about it. They miss the point.

Now, the retro escort, the elegant escort takes full advantage of the fact what she does is not approved of by the nice ladies whose husbands she is entertaining for an afternoon or evening. She is not them and doesn't want or need their approval. Instead, a girl who reaches back to the 1950's call girl tradition or even further back to the turn of the last century demimondaine, appreciates her role outside the boundaries of the good girl world.

How she arranges her dates, how she advertises, dresses and performs are all built on the idea that her client can't "get this at home". Indeed, at home, her client is not even allowed to ask for the blowjobs or enthusiasm he'll experience with a girl who connects to the old school view of escorting.

And a clever escort knows that this is a huge part of her attraction to her clients. She plays it to the hilt. And they keep coming back for more.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Learning to Escort Elegantly

Writing Avails: Escorting for Elegant Women has meant I have been looking at how girls can maximize their escorting success. There is little question that a pretty girl willing to have sex for money can make money. But for an elegant escort the intimate encounter between two consenting adults is just a small part of the service she offers. What she is really trying to do is develop a business where her callers are coming for much more than a roll in the sheets.

She's working at building the not directly sexual elements because if she can get those right she'll be able to charge much more money on an hourly basis.

 Elegant women bring a tremendous style to the escorting business. They wear brilliant clothes, have wonderful lingerie, are perfectly groomed. They work in fabulous surroundings. They serve delightful snacks on enviable china and pour wine into crystal glasses. Their callers feel pampered and very special from the first moment they enter the elegant escort's world.

 Which, of course, begs the question of how does she afford it? One of the things which I cover in Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman is how a girl who is just starting can create the elegant ambience without breaking the bank...Here's a hint, buy nothing retail unless one of your clients wants to take you shopping. 

Whether a girl is just starting out in escorting or in any other walk of life, having a good eye and a closely guarded purse will guarantee the minimalism and quality which creates the luxury feel of elegance.

There is nothing in Avails about the how-to of escort sex except that enthusiasm covers a multitude of sins; but there are pages on how to get a stylish wardrobe for pennies, how to furnish an escorts office for maximum impact and, frankly, how an escort can get her clients to buy her the pretty shoes and stockings and lingerie they want to see her in.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman - Trailer 1

What fun...a practice video book trailer.

I have always admired Belle and hope that this little bit of hommage will not be taken amiss.

The intro music is St. Germain - Rose Rouge.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Escort or Mistress?

Once a women begins to entertain the idea of trading her favours for money the question arises: wholesale or retail, mistress or escort.

In my soon to be published book, Avails: Escorting for Elegant Women that question comes up both directly and indirectly. What's the answer? Well, it depends.

There is something rather comforting about seeing one man a few times a month in exchange for a decent allowance. A girl can be quite discriminating and with a little looking around can usually find a gentleman caller who she actually will look forward to seeing. The downside? Well there really is none except that most men cannot really afford a large allowance and, and this is the killer, there is not a great deal of security. Patrons can be fickle.

Escorting, particularly at the upper end of the market can be more lucrative than being the exclusive mistress of a single man. At the same time, the element of selectivity is reduced and, frankly, there are creeps out there. Of course the work itself is different. Intimacy with a series of men may be fun or it may be, to coin a phrase, a bit of a grind.

An elegant solution is to seek to enjoy the best of both worlds. Reserve your Saturday afternoons for your patron and then entertain very select - and generous - clients during the week. Striking a happy balance between your commitment to your patron and seeing a select clientele is a goal that a really smart girl can achieve. She just needs to be willing to screen hard and charge a lot.