Saturday, November 7, 2015

Avails: Escorting for the elegant Woman is Out


Buy it from Amazon for your Kindle, Smartphone, Tablet or computer. From the Introduction:
Well, it occurred to me. As it does to thousands of women who work at the higher end of the escort market, live as courtesans or are happy being wealthy men’s mistresses. There is something deeply empowering about saying to a man, “Yes, I am expensive and I’m worth it.” We live in a world of “hook-ups” and dateless sex. Sexuality has been sanitized and pornified and divorced from any sense of the illicit. The idea of maintaining a bit of mystery has been replaced with yoga pants for shopping. The pleasures of being a woman or a girl, have been lost beneath a veneer of equal rights and endless “appropriateness”. Yet, the rise of the Internet, the ease of advertising and the creation of websites devoted to reviews of escorts, plus the regular eruptions of “escort” and “mistress” scandals all suggest that while men pay lip service to the “new world” they are more than happy to hire escorts. The fact there are thousands of escort ads and agencies suggests that the demand for escorts has not fallen. Avails is a book about escorting for the elegant woman. Elegance is a funny thing. It is not about money. It is certainly not about designer clothes or spendy shoes; rather it is about a sensibility. A desire to live in a certain way. A capacity to understand a bigger world and to live as if you really do create your own world. For an elegant woman escorting is a means to her ends. She begins secure in herself, in her taste, in her feminine grace, and she consciously opens herself to the possibility that men might be willing to spend significant money for her time. Which, in turn, will allow her to pursue her interests, passions and desires.
347 pages, illustrated, Enjoy

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